Failure to give the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners the tools they need to succeed is more than just a mistake, it will deprive the world of their ideas and solutions.

We have a responsibility to ensure that all young people have access to more than just the most basic education and we’re in the privileged position to be able to help. Inspiring young minds and opening doors to career possibilities gives our teams a new way to use their experience and expertise, and it gives the young people we reach insight into the ways they might navigate the world. By supporting teaching and learning in schools, we share the wealth of our experience.

Our flagship initiative, the School Enterprise Programme, aims to develop future talent in several tangible ways:

1 Skill gaps have been identified by the government, education bodies and companies, and we are perfectly placed to support schools in making sure those gaps are closed.

2 Helping young people to develop vital soft skills, such as problem-solving, creativity and leadership. Using our teams and their abilities is mutually beneficial.

3 We are raising aspirations among young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. We believe no young person should be left behind just because of the financial or socio-economic positions of their upbringing.

Together with education specialists, the School Enterprise Programme is designed to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset in students aged 11 to 13. The programme develops financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills and encourages a deeper understanding of textbook learning concepts, such as global citizenship, and helps students relate them to the real world. In developing students' skills to raise career aspirations, our volunteers are also able to develop and enrich their own abilities.

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Grant Thornton School Enterprise Programme

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