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Saloni Kapoor
Associate Director

Saloni Kapoor

I'm an energy sector professional passionate about helping businesses and governments decarbonise their infrastructure and invest in low-carbon solutions.

As an associate director in our net zero team, I work mainly with public sector organisations on low-carbon infrastructure projects. I provide government authorities with insights on funding approaches, business cases, contracts, and pricing and policy implications for their net-zero strategies.

I began my energy career in oil and gas, advising producers of hydrocarbons on their journey to become integrated energy players. My work has spanned various regions, including the United States, Southeast and Eastern Asia, and most recently, the United Kingdom. I've worked with infrastructure investors, financial institutions, national oil companies, and development agencies, appraising projects intended to enable the transition to a low-carbon economy.

I've always believed that new technologies and policies can revolutionise the low-carbon sector, but both need to go hand-in-hand to enable a smooth and orderly transition to net zero. I help policymakers discern what support businesses or local governments need to make this transition. I enable these entities to understand policy mechanisms they can utilise to finance their projects and then assist them with planning.

Some of the recent work I have been involved in includes the following technologies:

  • Carbon capture, utilisation and storage
  • Green hydrogen
  • Battery storage
  • Solar PV and wind

When I’m not thinking about climate change and what we're doing to mitigate it, I enjoy being outdoors. I love hiking, exploring new neighbourhoods, around London and going to trivia nights. I also collect antique books and board games and spend quite a lot of time at antique markets looking for copies of old novels. Most recently I uncovered a vintage scrabble board from a few years before I was born!

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  • BA Political Science and Public Policy
  • MBA Finance and Strategic Management
Saloni Kapoor
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Associate Director
Saloni Kapoor
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