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I’m an experienced auditor, with a history of working with a diverse range of businesses, including FTSE listed entities, large multinationals, start-ups and privately owned companies. In recent years I have focussed more on retail, consumer products, and the leisure and travel industry, but have worked extensively with automotive and manufacturing clients, among others as well.

I like the collaborative aspect of working with clients and understanding what is important to them whilst delivering a high-quality audit. Whether it is working through a technical matter, a restructuring of the business, a change in ownership, or simply delivering a quality audit – I enjoy being part of that process.

As well as enjoying the technical challenges of my role, I am very motivated by the ‘human’ element of the job with a keen focus on building strong relationships with the people I work with. As well that, I enjoy being involved in the coaching, mentoring and development of people and teams around me. It can be both rewarding and challenging to have that involvement and it adds another layer of opportunity to the job.

Outside of work I find it easiest to relax and unwind whilst being outside with my family and dog. I also like experimenting in the kitchen and I periodically set myself fitness goals in a bid for self-improvement! 

  • ACA (Association of Chartered Accountants)
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