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New apprenticeship offers bespoke data skills training for HR professionals

Grant Thornton UK LLP and BPP School of Technology today announces the launch of a bespoke apprenticeship to build data and digital skills, tailored specifically for the HR community.

Designed to equip HR professionals with the knowledge and expertise needed to take advantage of the vast amount of HR data available, the qualification gained is a Level 3 Data Citizen Apprenticeship. Through a combination of live and online teaching, participants will learn how to enhance decision-making with the right data, build data analysis skills and master the art of data storytelling.

Case studies within the 12-month programme allow participants to apply their learning to real scenarios, such as gaining understanding of employee turnover, tracking employee satisfaction using data analytics, measuring the gender pay gap through data analytics and ethical considerations in HR recruitment analysis.

For employers, the costs of the programme are accessible. Larger employers can utilise their Apprenticeship Levy to fully fund development whilst smaller employers can access a 95% funding contribution towards the cost from the government. 

David Hare, Talent Solutions Director at Grant Thornton UK LLP, said:

“In a workplace that is constantly, and rapidly evolving, data-driven decision-making has become vital. HR professionals play a critical role in shaping organisations’ success by tracking employee turnover, satisfaction, training effectiveness and supporting workplace planning. That’s why having the skills to effectively collect, analyse and visualise HR data is becoming increasingly essential.”


Louise Ball, Commercial Director at BPP, said:

“There is currently a lot of discussion around how technology is changing our workplaces. While some view it as a threat, the reality is that technology has the potential to create more efficient and effective workplaces. If we leverage technology in the right way, we can streamline processes, foster innovation, and save ourselves weeks of manual repetitive work. This programme will empower the HR population to do just that. “In any organisation it’s your people who are your number one asset, and a sign of success is to enable your people to develop others in a way that they can advance in their careers. Remember - organisations do not grow; people do and when people grow, organisations follow.”


The first programme will begin on 31 October and applications are open. HR professionals can find out more by registering to attend a virtual briefing session.


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