Women in business 2023: The push for parity

Key insights into how mid-market businesses can support Women in Business

For 19 years, we have been reporting on gender diversity in senior management among the world’s mid-market businesses, exposing barriers and identifying facilitators of change.

While progress on the overall number of women in senior leadership continues, this year’s research shows it is concerningly slow.

Key findings

  • Key findings

    32.4% of senior management positions in mid-market businesses globally are now held by women

  • Key findings

    This is an increase of half a percentage point since 2022, and just 13% since 2004

  • Key findings

    At the current rate, only 34% of senior leadership positions in mid-market businesses globally will be held by women in 2025

Why should the mid-market lead the way?

Businesses in the mid-market are well positioned to push for parity. Many have embraced flexible, hybrid or home-working and have embedded leadership programmes, often providing mentoring and coaching as part of leadership succession planning.

To accelerate progress, the mid-market needs more of these programmes, increased transparency on leadership pathways and a business culture which continues to be fully supportive of greater diversity in senior leadership.

To take the next step, we must learn from our experiences, avoid the pitfalls which could derail progress and ensure there is long term commitment to the new ways of working.

Our 2023 Women in Business report provides key insights into why and how mid-market businesses can do this.

“People are juggling a lot of different priorities. For women in particular, having the ability to determine the flexibility of when you work, and how you work is really critical in allowing you to keep your career and professional development at the forefront, especially if you have family and care responsibilities.”

Vivian Lagan, Managing Director, Model risk and co-source services

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