Understand places, people, economies and markets to enable better decision making.

How do you enable data-led decision making to align strategy, policy, services and resources to customer and place needs?

Our place analytics online platform provides you with deep and rapid insights into the characteristics of individual places and the levers that fundamentally affect place, to provide a comprehensive evidence base for councils and organisations to make strategic and investment decisions.

Our clearly visualised and presented place analytics give you the accelerated insights you need and support clear messaging to key stakeholders and decision makers.

Place analytics offers exceptional benchmarking and comparator analysis to support smarter decision making, and enable councils to employ data-led decisions to align policy, services and resources to customer and place needs.

It brings together a wide range of datasets, including socio-economic and physical environment indicators, to provide organisations with the business intelligence to support investment decisions, develop business cases, inform strategy, and measure outcomes and interventions.

"Place analytics is a powerful database with an incredible amount of data sources, probably all available elsewhere if you know where to find them. However the real value and power for us is the ability to drill down into this rich data source and prepare reports, between comparative data sets across multiple geographies, simply and without any hassle. Add to this the ability to produce the raw data into tables, charts and spider charts in a user friendly environment and you begin to understand the significant value of this software."

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Community Foundation

Understand place

Segment and visualise hundreds of key data sets relating to a place: its economy, society and environment.

Understand drivers

Know the relative performance of a place in terms of its key drivers, and visualise its relative strengths and weaknesses.

Apply insights

Identify where services and products are aligned to the local economy or population, and any gaps in performance and offering.

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