How close are you to achieving your ESG ambitions?

800 mid-market business leaders responded to our survey on ESG.

As we navigate an uncertain economic environment, ESG spend will inevitably be challenged. But companies shouldn't let it slip. The decisions you make around ESG now will shape who wants to work with you, for you and lend to you in the future. 

Key findings

To help you remain as attractive as possible to your entire business ecosystem, we’ve compiled our findings into a report that highlights the importance of ESG across six key pillars.

These pillars include: ESG strategy and reporting, sustainable ethical and secure supply chains, climate strategies, ESG and tax, people and social impact and sustainable finance.

  • 53% of companies are committed to ESG and have started to implement some initiatives
  • 63% of companies are aiming to achieve their ESG goals within the next two to three years
  • 94% of business leaders said that their organisation is likely to prioritise having a sustainable, ethical and secure supply chain
  • When aligning ESG goals to their stakeholders' needs, 22% of business leaders told us that employees were at the bottom of their priority list, while 23% said 'customers'
  • 21% of companies said that their management are proficient at reporting on climate change strategies

Download ESG snapshot: sustainable transformation

Businesses need to know where to focus their ESG efforts. To build this understanding we’ve gathered insight from 800 business leaders.

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