Take control of your ESG journey with the ESG Maturity Index assessment

Having the right ESG strategy in place can help you gain long term cost savings, access funding, and improve talent attraction and retention. Complete the assessment to receive a downloadable report that shows new ways to embed the positive potential of ESG into your business. 

Your performance will be benchmarked against relevant businesses in our 800-strong sample, and you’ll see where you stand compared to competitors by industry, job profile, and size. 

The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. 

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By identifying improvement areas, you can enhance your ESG strategy, align it with business goals, keep up with evolving industry standards and gain a competitive edge.   

Your bespoke report will provide valuable insight based on your perception of the core ESG matters your organisations prioritises and proficiency in addressing them.  

Why take the ESG assessment?  

A responsible business strategy requires more than just good intentions. It demands a comprehensive ESG framework that defines priorities and measures the impact of initiatives.  

That's why taking an ESG maturity assessment is the first step. Evaluate your current ESG practices against seven key pillars that form the foundation of a purposeful and impactful framework:  

  • ESG strategy
  • climate strategies  
  • supply chain  
  • people and social impact  
  • ESG and tax  
  • measurement and reporting
  • sustainable finance