In recent years, HMRC has introduced many new investigation and prosecution powers. Some of these, such as the managing deliberate defaulters regime and general anti abuse rule, have presented individuals and businesses with new risks to their reputations.

Others, such as the accelerated payment notices and follower notices, can present significant cash flow problems, as there are limited rights of defence.

The result is a difficult climate for people and businesses trying to resolve historic tax planning and structures with HMRC. Grant Thornton is here to help.

Responding to HMRC

Receiving a formal notice from HMRC, whether it's an information notice, penalty assessment or an accelerated payment notice, can come as a shock. There are different options for responding. However, if you're not properly advised, matters can deteriorate quickly and you might find HMRC becomes increasingly aggressive. 

Grant Thornton specialises in monitoring HMRC's activity closely and can advise on the practical implications for you. We're well placed to advise you on what unexpected communications from HMRC mean. 

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