HMRC are actively challenging  claims to non-residence. What is your risk?

Whether you are looking to determine your residence or domicile status for your current or future tax returns, HMRC are actively challenging your claim to non-residence or non-UK domicile or you are concerned that you have incorrectly self-assessed your status, our team of tax investigation specialists are here to provide you with expert support.

You may be an offshore worker who fears that they have spent too many days in the UK, or a foreign domiciliary who has remitted relevant foreign income or failed to disclose a liability to the Remittance Basis Charge.  Whatever your circumstances, we can advise you of the technical merits of your case and, where appropriate, your likelihood of success.

Our team can provide expert advice to support you, whatever the situation

In the event that your affairs are not up to date, it is typically best to approach HMRC voluntarily, rather than waiting for an investigation to start. We will support you in doing so in the most cost efficient manner, which would include the calculation of any additional tax due and the negotiation of a fair overall settlement with HMRC.

Our team consists of fully trained HMRC inspectors and chartered tax advisors with significant experience in residence, domicile and the remittance basis so please call today for a no obligation conversation.

We recommend anyone affected by the above scenarios, to contact our expert team immediately, for a no obligation, no fee initial discussion. Together we can achieve the most favourable outcome.

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