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Personal tax compliance

Many people worldwide have to submit UK self-assessment tax returns.

Failing to comply with the rules and making mistakes can result in substantial penalties. However, completing these returns correctly can be complex. For example, you'll need to know and disclose all your taxable income, details of capital gains, and some National Insurance contributions liabilities.

Tax reliefs and allowances are available, such as relief for pension contributions, Gift Aid donations and loan interest. Claiming them is complicated. There are strict time limits for making claims and, if you make a mistake, you could lose valuable tax relief. At Grant Thornton, we're here to help.

Managing your tax affairs and minimising your liabilities

We can use our experience and expertise to minimise your tax liability and ensure you comply with your obligations. From the moment we meet to the time we submit your tax return, you'll find us friendly and efficient. And we can do more than complete and send your return. We can advise you on payment dates, check your PAYE codes and answer any enquiries from HMRC. 

Our support doesn't have to end there. We can let you know the tax treatment on all your income types, calculate your capital gains, advise how much tax you need to pay, and help reduce your tax liability. We can also tailor our advice to your individual circumstances, such as supporting you on topics including your residence and domicile status. 

As the tax system is always changing, we can keep you up-to-date on developments and advise how they might affect you. Throughout, you can relax knowing your tax affairs are in safe hands. 

Our services

You can access our expertise on every area of personal tax, including: 

  • complying with the UK self-assessment system
  • advising you on the tax treatment of all forms of income and calculating capital gains
  • advising you on any available reliefs and opportunities to reduce your income tax or capital gains tax bill
  • calculating your liabilities and payment due dates
  • advising non-UK resident and domiciled individuals.

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