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Capital gains tax

Capital gains tax - If you are a UK resident, you'll need to pay capital gains tax (CGT) at a rate of up to 20% on the gain made when disposing of most assets, it can also apply if you are gifting to a family member.

The tax also applies to certain transactions made by non-residents too.

If you want to sell certain business assets including particular types of shareholdings, you could qualify for a more favourable CGT rate of 10% through business asset disposal relief. The first £1 million of gains on qualifying assets in your lifetime will benefit from this reduced rate.

Disposing of your assets tax effectively

From selling your property portfolio to disposing of your shares in the family business, we can advise you of the most tax-efficient approaches. 

For example, as an entrepreneur, you may want to realise the value of your business. We can work with you to establish whether you qualify for business asset disposal relief and you are able to benefit from the 10% rate. To ensure you maximise tax relief, it's essential to plan ahead. We can also consider the impact of other taxes, such as inheritance tax and wealth protection, on your finances. 

There's more to our CGT advice than its impact on your business investments. You can benefit from our advice on rewarding you and your people tax-efficiently; minimising tax on acquisitions and disposals; and maximising available tax reliefs. We can also advise you on managing your personal tax burden and that of your family. 

Additionally, there are specific CGT rules for non-UK domiciled individuals. We can advise on how they might affect you. 

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