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Your relationship with HMRC

Tax comes with the risks of additional costs and damage to your reputation.

That's why successful businesses and individuals recognise, monitor, debate and manage tax and its associated risks.  A major part of this involves forging a strong relationship with HMRC to avoid uncertainty and build an open dialogue. At Grant Thornton, we can help you do just that.

Establishing a successful relationship

A strong relationship with HMRC can give you certainty. It allows you to discuss whether there's a mutually-acceptable treatment of your tax affairs, where HMRC might challenge a particular matter, and what compliance obligations exist and how you can fulfil them. It also means you can discuss how to make a voluntary disclosure or negotiate penalties following an enquiry.

For larger businesses, a customer relationship manager within HMRC leads the relationship. For high net worth individuals, there are similar links within HMRC's high net worth unit. 

If you don't have an immediate relationship, we can use our contacts and experience to find you an appropriate contact within HMRC. We can also draw on our specialist tax investigations team for advice on ways to communicate with HMRC and interpret its communications.


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