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Updates in tax policy

Tax policies are constantly evolving, driven not only by the aims of political parties, but also wider environmental factors such as digitalisation, globalisation and availability of data.

Speaking out for you

At Grant Thornton, we engage with our clients to understand issues in a commercial context.  By listening to businesses we are to give them a united voice when it comes to unlocking some of the complexities of the tax environment. We  speak out on your behalf to those shaping the public policy and environment in which we all live and work. 

We have done just this around a number of issues you have told us are important in particular we continuing to champion a simpler tax system to reduce the administrative burdens and support economic growth. We are representing our clients views to the Base Erosion and Profit shifting (BEPs) project committees and leaders.

Our teams work with you to help you understand these changes, develop a strategy tailored to you or your business’ individual tax needs and manage tax risk wherever it arises.


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