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International indirect tax

In addition to complying with UK VAT rules, many businesses need to deal with international indirect taxes due to increasing international sales, global footprint and supply chains.

If your business operates internationally, it needs to cope with international indirect taxes. There are many ways VAT, GST (Goods and Service Tax) and sales tax compliance requirements can arise for non-resident businesses. These include drop-shipping goods from the manufacturer direct to customers; fulfilling orders from foreign warehouses; selling through third-party marketplaces with a centralised inventory; moving own goods across borders; and acting as the importer of record into a foreign jurisdiction.

Brexit has brought more challenges, not just for businesses selling goods to consumers in the EU (where registration with the Import One Stop Shop can simplify matters). Rules were introduced a few years ago to tax supplies of digital services to private individuals in the EU. This has become an international trend with similar regulations being introduced across the globe. Some countries have also invoked “use and enjoyment” rules to extend the need for UK businesses supplying services to consumers to register and charge VAT locally. With all these challenges it pays to put Grant Thornton on your side.

Working with international indirect tax experts

You'll gain the support of our dedicated international indirect tax team. We're experts in advising UK businesses on outbound global VAT and GST, and sales tax issues – and foreign businesses on inbound UK and EU VAT compliance.

From the start, you'll receive clear, concise and commercial advice. And you'll get services that scale with your business. For example, we can research and present to you the facts on local indirect tax requirements across foreign jurisdictions, to enable you to migigate unnecessary costs within the scope of applicable law.

Accessing a specialist network

You'll have access to a network of indirect tax specialists from Grant Thornton International member firms across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia Pacific, and the Americas. You can also call on us to manage your global indirect tax return compliance, for example, through our North American sales tax compliance centres in the US, or pan-European VAT compliance centre in the Netherlands.

As thought leaders on international indirect tax, we provide global updates and commentary, and speak regularly at events worldwide.

Our services

You'll receive services covering every aspect of international indirect tax, including:

  • global VAT and GST helpline and retainers
  • global indirect tax nexus footprinting
  • local country tax invoicing requirements, including currency and exchange-rate rules
  • customer VAT and GST number validation and exemption certificate management
  • indirect tax impact of transfer pricing
  • international supply chain reviews and risk analyses.

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