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Reward and incentivisation

Giving your employees a stake in your business can be a great way of aligning their goals with the company's ambitions.

In fact, research shows that companies who reward employees with shares are more productive and profitable. When employees understand the part they play in the company's success, they work hard to increase the value of the capital they hold in the business.

Helping you implement the right incentives

Working closely with you, we can help design and implement the right employee share incentive arrangement for your business. With the right arrangement, shares can be affordable for employees. This means that cash, which would otherwise be tied up in higher salaries and bonuses, can be made available to the business. 

When an employee sells their shares, any growth in their value could be subject to the lower rates of capital gains tax (10%, 18% or 28%), rather than income tax and National Insurance contributions (NIC) rates of up to 47%. In some cases, the growth in value may even be tax free. There could also be an employer's NIC saving of 13.8%.

Partner, Head of Equity Reward

Monique Beaulieu

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