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Gender pay gap reporting

Gender pay gap reporting presents an ideal opportunity for your organisation to collate data on your gender diversity challenges and develop strategies to address them.

This will enable you to effect change and help promote long-term growth.

Employers with 250 or more employees must publish their gender pay gap results annually, by the 4 April for employers in the private and voluntary sectors, and by 30 March for public sector employers, with the first reports to be published by 4 April 2018 and 30 March 2018 respectively.

Helping you make the most of this opportunity

Producing a gender pay gap report presents a number of challenges, from collecting the right data (which will typically need to be extracted from several data sources) and correctly undertaking the calculations to understanding what they mean and communicating the results. Employers can use this exercise as an opportunity to develop and communicate an effective long-term strategy for addressing diversity issues.

We have developed a range of diagnostic tools, which, combined with our experience, can help you meet these challenges.

Using our benchmarking tool, we can also show you how your results compare with organisations who have already published their results.

Private and voluntary sector employers must publish a statement of accuracy alongside their results. We can provide you with comfort that your results are accurate, which will assist you in providing the statement of accuracy. This may take the form of a health check of how you have treated your pay component and the methodology used, or a more formal assurance.

We can also work with you to offer insight into what your results are showing, help you develop a targeted strategy to address identified gender pay gaps and effect positive change and assist you in communicating your results.

Our Services

We can help you fulfil your gender pay gap reporting obligations using a variety of tools including:

  • Gender Pay Gap Health Check – Our health check will provide you with comfort on your understanding of the regulations, your approach and your methodology, in particular:
    • the treatment of each pay component making up your total reward package in determining ordinary pay and bonus pay
    • the approach taken to determine if an employee is a relevant employee or a full-pay relevant employee
    • the methodology used to determine an employee’s hourly pay and 12 month bonus pay
    • the methodology used for the six calculations based on hourly pay and 12 month bonus pay.
  • Benchmarking – Our benchmarking tool enables you to compare your results against employers who have already published their results
  • Data Analytics – Our data analysis and diagnostic specialists help you extract the data you need to prepare the calculations. Our analytical platform can help you obtain insightful analytics tailored to your organisation’s needs
  • Insight Report - Our insight report provides commentary on what your data analytics and outcome measures are showing and highlight red flag issues
  • Strategy and Communication - We work with you to develop a targeted strategy to address identified gender pay gaps and effect positive change to reduce your gender pay gap where it exists. We work with you to develop context disclosures and narratives around the published figures and an employee communication strategy
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