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Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is the area that concerns most multinational businesses.

In the UK, the corporation tax self-assessment regime for transfer pricing makes the taxpayer responsible for verifying 'arm's length' prices on all related-party transactions, including UK to UK.

HMRC imposes interest and penalties for non-compliance, even if your company has made losses. So it's vital your business manages its transfer pricing obligations effectively. We're here to help you do just that.

Managing your transfer pricing locally and globally

You can access our tailored solutions, from transfer pricing reviews and planning structures when going overseas for the first time, to business restructuring and profit attribution to permanent establishments.

You'll work with our award-winning UK team of transfer pricing and international tax specialists, accountants and economists. You can also receive support from over 150 transfer pricing specialists via our network of member firms. This collaborative approach brings you integrated, pragmatic and effective global transfer pricing solutions and advice.

Our transfer pricing framework will help you overcome increasingly sophisticated challenges, and deliver relevant and sustainable transfer pricing services. The BEPS agenda focuses on coherence, substance and transparency, all of which have a transfer pricing impact. We can help you make sure your transfer pricing implementation is fit for purpose today, and into the future.

As a client of ours, you can access a wide range of services, including:

Transfer pricing planning: 

  • profit-split analysis
  • acquisitions and disposals
  • business restructuring 

Transfer pricing documentation: 

  • benchmarking transactions
  • analysing 'significant people functions'
  • global and regional transfer pricing documents, including Masterfiles and the EU Transfer Pricing Documentation (TPD) 

Transfer pricing dispute resolution:

  • transfer pricing audit defence
  • enquiry management
  • advance-pricing agreements
  • advance thin capitalisation agreements
Partner, Head of Transfer Pricing

Kirsty Rockall

+44 (0)20 7728 2988

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