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Managing overseas business activity

Exploring opportunities in overseas markets can deliver huge commercial benefits.

However, expanding internationally also comes with additional potential tax risks and obligations. Working closely with you, our approach is to take the time to understand your overseas ambitions, help you manage the risks, and guide you through the many complex international tax rules.

Helping you grow across the world

Overseas expansion brings a number of challenges that can significantly affect your tax position: how to establish your business in a new country, what an appropriate transfer pricing mechanism should be, how to fund overseas operations, understanding local laws and filing requirements, how to repatriate profits, whether there is likely to be a withholding tax on cross-border payments… the list goes on. Together with other member firms in our network, we can bring you answers and solutions to these issues, and help you understand the interaction with UK corporate tax rules.

Working closely with our specialists, we can support you on employment tax and social security matters for globally mobile workers, and the indirect tax implications of providing cross-border goods and services.


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