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IRM gateway

IRM brought alive: covenant with a difference

Integrated funding and integrated risk management (IRM) are the cornerstones of defined benefit (DB) scheme funding, but it can be challenging for trustees and sponsors to grasp the interaction between all key elements of scheme funding.

Our software, IRM gateway, brings integrated funding and IRM to life by allowing trustees and sponsors to visualise the interaction of the sponsor covenant, investment strategy and scheme funding as part of their IRM process. Using scheme specific data, IRM gateway provides an interactive dashboard which at a high level can present a variety of scenarios and forecasts to assist with your integrated funding decision-making.

Provided as part of our covenant advice offering, our software enables you to:

  • understand and manipulate the interactivity between covenant strength and funding and investment strategies
  • stress test different funding approaches against real world scenarios
  • bring the integrated funding discussion alive in a visual and collaborative way.

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IRM gateway demonstration

Watch Paul Brice, Head of Pensions Advisory, demonstrate our innovative IRM Gateway tool in this video.

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Bring together the whole conversation.

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See how the variables move with and against each other.

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What if?

Explore the impact of different sensitivities and scenarios.

Paul Brice, Head of Pensions Advisory

“Our IRM Gateway software seeks to bring the IRM process alive, leading to greater clarity around scheme funding variables and risks as part of collaborative IRM discussions.”

irm-gateway-product.pngIRM gateway

Use our innovative tool to help you overcome the challenge of visualising all the facets of integrated funding for defined benefit pensions schemes and how they fit together.

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