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Contracting and coding

Effective contract management, supported by accurate clinical data and cost information, is vital so that healthcare services, performance and payments accurately reflect the patient care being delivered.

This promotes understanding, transparency and trust between commissioners, providers and regulators, and supports the integration of services across health economies.

Overall system sustainability is dependent on services being developed and managed based on effective contracting with accurate information. This means organisations are fully reimbursed for the services they provide, and long-term healthcare plans are robust and lead to real benefits for patients.

Delivering accurate clinical activity and cost data to build transparency and trust

Our work combines a detailed understanding of capturing and producing clinical activity and cost data. We have experience of how this information is used by senior management and executive teams to make financial decisions and use that to support healthcare providers in resolving issues relating to the delivery and cost of care, ultimately helping to maintain the sustainability and stability of health systems.

Our team has a mix of financial, contract management, coding and analytical expertise with a deep understanding of healthcare delivery and operations, and payment mechanisms. We deliver credible, practical analysis and solutions for optimising the care you offer.

Our healthcare advisory contracting and coding services:

  • Clinical coding and data quality
  • Collaboration
  • Contract setting and financial forecasting
  • Efficiency and transformation plans
  • Pathway and service reviews
  • “Single version of the truth”
  • Tariff setting and payment reform


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