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The NHS is facing a number of significant challenges – demand growth, workforce shortages, tired infrastructure, old delivery models, a hesitant approach to tech and underdeveloped use of data.

Not to mention, the challenges facing partners working beside the NHS - these important relationships need to be optimised to support innovation and drive the UK economy.

Analysis, planning and delivery of NHS change

Our healthcare consulting team offer you comprehensive experience and understanding of the industry that's driven by our blend of technical knowledge and operating experience. We are clear on the NHS Ten Year Plan requirements and passionate about achieving its goals. Our commitment is to share your journey through the next decade of NHS and life sciences change, supporting you to delivery stage. We contribute and learn alongside you, combining the skills and methods of our team, with the talent and creativity in the local boards, executives and clinical services we work with.

Our healthcare advisory consulting services:

  • Core consulting capabilities and support
  • Developing and delivering plans and strategies
  • Developing NHS/industry partnerships
  • Helping deliver your national programmes
  • Supporting system change

Head of Healthcare

Malcolm Lowe-Lauri

+44 (0)20 7728 2833

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