In Scotland, we are a leading provider of personal insolvency services, delivering practical solutions in a sensitive manner, maximizing recoveries for creditors or by helping individuals seeking appropriate debt relief solutions.

Sequestration is the principal court based remedy in Scotland for dealing with the financial affairs of those individuals who are unable or unwilling to pay their debts as and when they fall due. 

Our specialists are able to assist creditors by:

  • advising on claims against insolvent customers and their asset worthiness;
  • advise on petitioning for sequestration;
  • acting as Trustee in sequestration to maximize returns to creditors;
  • providing regular reporting on progress;
  • providing technical advice and assistance in respect of all forms of insolvency proceedings;
  • providing free in-house training in the use of sequestration as a recovery tool;
  • providing assessments of recovery prospects;
  • advising proposals received for Protected Trust Deeds. 

Our approach

We focus on the financials. We help clients maximize their cash return, reduce servicing costs and accelerate and maximize dividend returns through robust investigation of the affairs of the bankrupt, to successfully realise assets and overturn prior transactions.  Regular reviews are undertaken of internal processes to ensure efficient and effective case progression and control of our costs and any third parties involved in cases. 

How we can help you

Creditor groups including local authorities, financial services creditors and utility companies are increasingly using insolvency proceedings against individuals who have the income or assets to pay their creditors, but who choose not to.  The effective and targeted use of insolvency proceedings has led to a significant increase in recovery success for these creditors where other attempts to elicit payment have failed. 

In the circumstances where sequestration is likely, many creditors take an active role in the appointment of a Trustee whose professionalism and expertise they trust since the effectiveness of the Trustee is critical to the maximization of realisation and distribution of the debtor's assets. 

Our team of experts have built a reputation on service excellence, offering technical expertise, high quality advice and guidance to ensure insolvent estates are managed in a cost-effective way.

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