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Our Japan desk can overcome cultural barriers

High-quality manufacturing of consumer goods and technology, exceptional service and strong business relations with neighbouring countries have all made Japan the 14th most-popular trading partner for UK businesses. Still, there remain challenges for collaboration, explains Masato Ohsugi.

UK trade relations with Japan are strong and the country is a prime opportunity for UK companies to expand into the south-east Asian markets. On the other hand, the UK offers Japanese companies a stronghold from which to grow their operations into Europe and beyond.

Still, there are challenges for Japanese and UK companies working together. Deep-rooted cultural differences and a major language barrier can make already-complex business processes more difficult. We can help you to cross the divide to successful collaboration.

How we can help you move and grow in Japan and the UK

Our Japan desk team work with clients across tax, audit and advisory services in both countries. We help Japanese companies to navigate the cultural and regulatory challenges in the UK, while we source intelligence and contacts for UK companies looking to operate in Japan.

Expertise that meets Japanese needs

Our Japan desk is part of a global network that specialises in helping mid-sized companies do business without borders. Our team in the UK is seconded from Grant Thornton Japan and work closely with their UK colleagues, so they are equipped to bridge the commercial and cultural divide. Because we are in close contact with our international colleagues, we are ideally placed to seek out new opportunities and make the necessary introductions. We recognise the importance of timely communications with local stakeholders and our experience in international mergers and acquisitions sets us apart from the competition.

Our Japan desk provides expert tax, audit and advisory services that support your business decisions. We can help you to:

  • plan and implement strategic transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and disposals
  • identify and mitigate all types of risk, including investigations, dispute resolutions and computer forensics
  • manage your cross-border tax, including transfer pricing, locally and globally
  • identify statutory reporting requirements and conduct local audits
  • ensure compliance with local regulations including tax.

Head of Japan Desk

Satoshi Teramoto

+44 (0)20 7865 2095

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