Expand your finance team with on-demand resource and access to financial reporting experts. Our FAAS team are there when you need them.

The demands placed on your finance team are increasing. Stakeholders expect more insight, on time-management information, transparency of disclosure and exemplary financial reporting. At the same time, technology is changing the skills your team need, and you may be finding it difficult to find high-quality finance talent and financial reporting expertise.

Our financial accounting advisory services (FAAS) team can help you deliver on business-critical projects.

  • Flexible, scalable resource
    Flexible, scalable resource
    Expert support for your finance team when you need it
  • Financial reporting expertise
    Financial reporting expertise
    We combine deep technical capability and broad sector experience.
  • Independent reporting
    Independent reporting
    We can provide you with a level of assurance over financial and non-financial data.
Giles Mullins
UK Head of Financial Accounting Advisory Services
Giles Mullins
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Giles Mullins
UK Head of Financial Accounting Advisory Services
Giles Mullins

Why Grant Thornton

Our FAAS team collaborates with large corporates, medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organisations, working with your finance team to deliver the outcomes needed for your business.

Whether you're growing rapidly or undertaking a specific business event, such as entering new contracts, acquiring, integrating, restructuring, planning for an IPO, your management accounts or annual report need more attention, or you're having an unexpected technical issue raised by statutory auditors, we can help.

Our FAAS service is split into four elements:

Accounting advisory

We offer a managed FAAS service where our professionals embed themselves in your business, become trusted team members, and provide you with additional skills and expertise.

We collaborate with you to understand your challenges and work together with your finance team to develop a clear project plan and effective solution.  We mobilise fast to bring an individual or team to support you.

We focus on your broader business objectives, not just individual tasks. We'll provide a fresh pair of eyes, suggesting improvements and bringing new skills and insight to your finance function.

  • Supplementing and upskilling your finance team during significant change, such as acquisition, disposal, high growth or preparing for an initial public offering
  • Reconstructing management accounts and resolving compliance issues
  • Prepare for year-end audit and supporting you deal with your external auditor
  • Prepare statutory financial statements and consolidated group accounts
  • Executing actions relating to accounting or control issues
Financial reporting advisory

We have a broad understanding of both best practice and how financial reporting can go wrong. These practical insights, combined with a broad and deep technical knowledge of IFRS, UK GAAP and US GAAP, and capital markets insight, means that we can provide you access to experts to help you balance demands and challenges within your team.

  • Impact assessments and implementation of new accounting standards ]
  • GAAP conversion work, principally IFRS, UK GAAP and US GAAP
  • Preparation of Historical Financial Information (HFI) in respect of IPOs
  • Accounting in respect of restructuring, group simplifications and acquisitions
  • Distributable reserves reviews
  • Preparation of accounting policy manuals and policy reviews
  • Technical accounting papers, for example, revenue recognition, share-based payments, business combinations and financing arrangements
Non-statutory audit assurance

Are you required to meet the needs of a third party over your data submission? We can provide a report of factual findings or level of assurance over financial and non-financial data tailored to the needs of your business and third-party requirements.

  • Agreed-upon procedures where there is a need for a bespoke report on factual findings within a specific area of financial or non-financial data
  • Accountants reporting on grant-funded projects
  • Agreed-upon procedures for turnover certification, loan-covenant compliance, and internal processes and controls
  • Assurance over non-financial data submissions made to UK and EU regulatory bodies
ESG assurance

We offer assurance or consultancy on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data.

Managing ESG risks and exploiting opportunities requires you to understand and measure the global impact of your activities and dependencies.

You also need to manage, use, and report on sustainability information.

Sustainability information is different to financial data – it's inherently more challenging to measure and interpret, or even know what to measure.

Shareholders and other stakeholders are becoming progressively more interested in the ESG agenda and how businesses are mitigating the associated risks. So, you need to understand how to bring this agenda into your business.

This is how we can help you achieve your goals:

  • Assist in setting up the process to collate the data for accurate and timely reporting
  • Ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Map out the emissions and energy use and advise on efficiency gains
  • Give assurance over reported ESG metrics

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