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Insight platforms

Instant access to comprehensive data sets

Our clients are able to licence our proprietary analytics platforms to support their in-house teams. They know in doing so, these platforms are based on our experience drawn directly from the market and servicing over 3,000 users. These platforms are continually developed as we share the new solutions that we’ve created.

Place analytics

Place analytics is an online platform that supports organisations in understanding places and people. This platform contains over 7,000 curated data sets to support you in:

  • Right-sizing your operational locations
  • Delivering your next location for optimal performance
  • Identifying new customers and markets

Supply chain insights

Supply chain insights provide a unique window into the public sector economy.  We have analysed over 90 million invoices to provide unveiled competitor and supply chain intelligence.

CFO insights

CFO insights is market leading platform for benchmarking financial performance and efficiency.  Delivered in partnership with CIPFA our insights support clients to drive service improvement.

Care insights

The UK’s aging population means there is demand for care services and homes. Care insights, matches care demand factors to supply dynamics in order to identify the optimal locations for future development or acquisition.

Developed in partnership with our real estate team, we support developers in identifying, appraising and optimising locations for PRS development.