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Finance effectiveness and transformation

The CFO faces a continuous challenge to create (and demonstrate) value from the finance function.

They must decide on the extent to which finance processes are centralised, owned locally or outsourced, striking a balance between the delivery of insights and the cost-effective management of transaction processing. Unfortunately there is no 'one size fits all' solution.

What good looks like will vary dramatically and can be influenced by a range of factors including corporate strategy, culture, business sector and geographical profile, to name but a few. Equally there will be organisational dependencies and influencing factors beyond the finance function and so the ability to drive organisation-wide understanding and visibility of planned changes will be key to delivering long-term success.

Delivering certainty of outcome

Delivering transformational changes in finance function efficiency and effectiveness requires experience.  Our team have led these programmes, both from within and as advisors, and can therefore provide the insights needed to drive change and manage the potential pitfalls.

These experiences and our understanding of best practices are key to our ability to deliver certainty of outcome.

We support the CFO in assessing current practice and in building board-level understanding of, and commitment to, the business case for change. Beyond this, we work on designing and implementing solutions, ensuring that benefits can be effectively tracked and communicated.

Our collaborative approach focuses on partnering with client teams to identify the root cause of problems identified as well as providing practical recommendations that are aligned across key stakeholders to provide sustainable outcomes. We work alongside Leadership and Culture specialists to deliver the behavioural changes that are essential to embedding solutions as part of business as usual.

The benefits of a strong, senior team are that we can deliver measurable value in an accelerated timeframe, whilst creating the foundation for a scalable, robust finance function.

Specific areas we can provide support to include:

  • Activity-based costing and value analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Business process outsourcing evaluation
  • Finance function assessments
  • Finance transformation
  • Management reporting
  • Operating model design
  • Process mapping and optimisation
  • Shared Service Centre set-up
  • Vision and strategy
Director, Head of Finance & Working Capital Consulting

Alex Mumford

+44 (0)20 7865 2852

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