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Brexit and political risk advisory

Politics is now a core business issue. With the UK facing significant political change and volatility, we're expecting to see an impact on tax, regulation, public sector spending and outsourcing, labour markets and overseas trade.

This in turn will affect your costs, customers and markets, talent and workforce, supply chain, investor and lender relations, operating model and growth strategy.

This level of volatility creates risk for your business - but also opportunity.

Taking a broader view of your plans

Volatility is the new normal and you need to consider how possible political change will impact your business environment. We bring together the political and regulatory insights of our public affairs specialists to assess the possible political impact and combine it with the technical expertise of our business consulting advisers.

Exploring the implications of any change for each part of your business, we draw on our expertise in areas such as indirect tax and customs, data regulation, supply chains, talent and workforce management to ensure you're ready for what happens next. By evaluating your existing plans in this way we can ensure they provide delivery confidence.

However your business might be affected, our experts will support you at every turn, benefiting your organisation in the short, medium and long term, regardless of the specific outcome.

A unique and rigorous methodology

We assess the political risk of various scenarios and apply them to your business through nine lenses.

Our approach gives you:

  • the most robust and comprehensive assessment available, looking at all angles
  • a focus on opportunities as well as risks. We find upside opportunities for every client we work with
  • a focus on practical action, sharing insight on what others are doing
  • access to a combination of political expertise and technical expertise in fields such as tax and supply chains.

How we can help

Measuring exposure

Drawing on our broad expertise on the implications of Brexit and wider political risks, assessing each part of your business to ensure you are prepared for what happens next. 

Risk assurance

Assessing your existing plans to ensure they cover every aspect of the business and provide delivery confidence.

Political risk updates

Keeping you up-to-date with political risk and regulatory developments.

Developing your plan

Working closely with your leadership team to create or refine your plans, with a tried and tested half-day workshop, designed to challenge your existing thinking and create practical tailored plans for any eventuality.

Implementation of specific solutions

Including tax strategy, customs processes and accreditation, global mobility, reconfiguring supply chains, relocation to other jurisdictions and financial services regulatory requirements.

Looking to buy or sell a business?

As part of due diligence, we provide an assessment of potential Brexit and political risks for any transaction, as well as identifying opportunities and competitive advantages. We determine any mitigating actions that could be taken to manage these risks and highlight areas that may require further analysis.

Supply chain review

We can review your supply chain, assessing risk and opportunity, and taking action to build resilience and efficiency.

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Tom Rathborn

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