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Royalty and intellectual property audit

The world of entertainment and sports never stands still, and as consumers move to varied modes of consumption, you need advisers who understand your business and the connected world that you operate in.

Our royalty audit specialists are adept at interpreting complex license agreements and understanding the issues that can arise. We have worked with the largest IP owners in the world, auditing licensees in the home video, theatrical, publishing, consumer product, sports and music markets, and uncovering under-reporting running into millions of dollars a year, whilst helping to foster an environment that encourages future compliance.

With extensive experience overseas, we have carried out audits in 75 countries over the last three years covering every continent, including Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

A royalty audit may be required:

  • when negotiating or renegotiating a contract
  • where your licensees are far afield and it may be impractical/expensive for you to visit them
  • where there are language barriers/cultural differences that make communication difficult
  • where revenue reported is not in-line with your expectations
  • where there is no visibility of deductions made by your licensee
  • where some of your existing contract terms are complex or open to interpretation
  • where you have concerns about your licensee's systems, staff changes or processes
  • to provide your senior management comfort around the robustness of your monitoring processes  

Added value

Aside from the possibility of increased revenue for your business, other benefits include:

  • identifying improvements to contract clauses where terms are ambiguous
  • gaining an insight into the licensee's operating conditions
  • offering insights into how to improve your company's own monitoring processes
  • improving communication between you and the licensee

Network with experts who can help you succeed

In conjunction with the business risk services team,and other specialists across, the royalty audit team brings a expertise including royalty auditing, internal audit, IT reviews and anti-bribery (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) compliance reviews.

But your access to expertise doesn't begin and end with our team. We have strong relationships with many media and financial services specialists, including licensors, licensees, investors and lawyers.

As your needs change, we can put you in touch with people who can help your business capitalise on opportunities. Our network of industry contacts will ensure you connect with your peers and build valuable new relationships.


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