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Contract assurance

We know how complex accounting for large contracts can be. The services sector relies on successful deals and risks being isolated and understood.

Companies should get paid for the work they do. We also believe companies shouldn't get away with overcharging.

Whether a contract is for IT, outsourced business services, property development or facilities we offer a quick and efficient way to review, surface and deal with those risks. Our contract assurance team specialises in helping you get to the bottom of those agreements.

If you are a CFO of a service organisation and are worried about where you might be leaking revenue, we can help. If you represent an organisation reliant on third party services then we help ensure you've not paid too much.

By allowing us to analyse your agreements so your billings and payments are in good order, you will be more in control of your top and bottom line contractual commitments. We work using the principle of marginal gains. This means we don't expect to find problems everywhere - but when we do, the value can be significant.

What we offer

  • Contract Assurance offers a win-win service for you and your organisation
  • We have an unparalleled financial understanding of private sector and public sector operations
  • Our domain expertise is bolstered by deep commercial experience from business services suppliers themselves
  • We offer a risk-reward model to tie our remuneration to your benefits
  • The process can be fully managed by our team from end to end
  • We leave you with the ability to stay on top of your contractual commitments
Associate Director, Head of Contract Assurance

Robert Shaw

+44 (0)20 7865 2761

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