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Insolvency Act portal

Case information and published reports on insolvency cases being handled by Grant Thornton UK LLP

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If you are a creditor, employee, or shareholder on one of the insolvency cases published here, you will have received a letter from the Grant Thornton UK LLP insolvency practitioner providing you with a login name and password. 

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Insolvency guidance available to creditors, members and debtors

Provided below is information to help creditors, members and subjects of a bankruptcy (debtors) to understand their rights in insolvency and regarding officeholders’ (for example the administrators’ or liquidators’) fees, as well as the roles and functions of committees.

The sources for the information are the referenced insolvency rules and R3, which is the trade association for the UK’s insolvency, restructuring, advisory and turnaround professionals. Amongst other things, R3 has produced the website ‘Creditors Insolvency Guide’ to help explain insolvency processes and how to get involved, if you are an individual or business who has lost money in an insolvency. Further information is also available from R3 Creditors Guides:

As set out by the specified set of rules below, please also see:

Creditors portal

Creditors portal