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Complex insolvency

Globalisation and the impact on cross-border insolvency

The insolvency and restructuring market has become significantly more international over the last 10 years, due to globalisation, a shift of economic power to the emerging markets and the use of complex financial products. 

Developments such as those in the recent Privy Council case of Singularis Holdings highlight the challenges inherent in conducting large-scale international insolvencies.

A team of experienced specialists

Our team specialises in giving advice and taking formal insolvency appointments in relation to businesses with complex, international affairs.

We have experience of multi-jurisdictional insolvencies, foreign recognition, information gathering tools and understanding of enforcement that allows us to optimise outcomes for stakeholders.

We deal with a diverse range of businesses and assets, with particular expertise in the financial services, shipping and energy sectors. We use a wide range of techniques across multiple jurisdictions to obtain information that may be relevant to the investigation of the insolvent business.

We analyse this information and apply our experience and specialist skills to develop coherent international litigation strategies to maximise realisations to the estate, adding significant value to creditors.

How we can assist you

Our broad experience of international insolvency means that we are ideally placed to provide you with contingency planning advice in relation to international restructuring assignments. The international nature of our work, and the prevalence of complex group structures, has led to us taking numerous insolvency appointments in offshore financial centres such as the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and the Channel Islands, often working collaboratively with Grant Thornton's offices in those jurisdictions.

We have been appointed in some of the most significant cross-border insolvency cases in recent years including: Saad Investments Company Limited (SICL), Oscatello Investments Limited and subsidiaries, Pioneer Freight Futures Company Limited and Madoff Securities International Limited.