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I have 20 years' experience in corporate finance, with particular emphasis in restructuring, insolvency and the financial sector and I'm recognised as an innovative expert in the management, restructuring and resolution of non-performing debts and assets, particularly in emerging markets.

My involvement in exceptionally large restructuring assignments and financial sector crisis in interventions have included co-ordinating the negotiation of multibillion dollar sales transactions and complex restructuring deals. I've developed extensive direct experience of managing, operating, restructuring and selling companies, often in difficult circumstances, and also in dealing with value realisation where market conditions make straight sales infeasible or value destructive.

My expertise covers:

  • finance services, including banking and hedge funds
  • restructuring outwith formal insolvency
  • deposit insurance
  • automotive
  • mining.
  • MA in Economics and Accountancy
  • Member of Scottish Chartered Accountants professional body (CA)
  • JIEB (Joint Insolvency Examination Board)
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Hugh Dickson
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Hugh Dickson
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