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I help our clients understand how to secure their business from cyber attack thereby protecting their brand, employees, customers and supply chain. I can bring a wide range of experience in working with enterprises to understand their cyber related issues and guide them towards appropriate solutions. It is very rewarding to be able to ensure our clients do not have their business operations compromised, as this can put their company reputation and their very survival at risk.

My experience spans across a wide range of sectors including health, transport, retail, energy and public sector, where I have assisted companies. Notable experiences of mine include:

  • Introducing a solution using the very latest AI technology for protecting company emails
  • Bringing a solution to market that protected Linux Servers from compromise which was so effective it was adopted by Government and Defence

I find it extremely satisfying to be in a position where I can provide guidance and a solution to those in need, and working on a recent engagement with a legal practice in the UK, a partner and head of IT said the following:

‘I can now sleep better at night, knowing Grant Thornton is looking after us and I don’t have to worry that our business will be compromised’.

To get away from the issues of protecting enterprises, I can usually be found in the garden trying to make sense of the landscape. You may also find me on my bicycle sweeping down the country roads of Hampshire on a Saturday morning after cheering on my son playing football for our local village team. I am also active with the Scouts organisation as I believe this is very beneficial for the adolescents in the village.

  • B.Sc Electrical & Electronics Engineering
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