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I am a partner co-leading our economic consulting team. I am an economist who began as an academic before transferring to economic consulting and acting as a partner. I have led economics practices in the UK and globally for the last 17 years across leading professional services partnerships.

I work across a range of markets. In the legal market, I have provided expert testimony on more than 30 occasions across International Arbitrations, High Courts, Public Enquiries and Competition Courts, both in the UK and internationally. As a consultant, I have advised numerous leading corporates on strategic questions and in the public sector, I have advised governments, regulators and other allied entities in more than 50 countries.

My work is quantitative by nature and I seek to add economic insight to practical industry, corporate and individual level data. I have particular experience in the financial services, TMT and consumer sectors of the economy but work widely across the regulatory and commercial agenda in other sectors of the economy as well.

I work in London but also have strong connections to the Channel Islands, where I indulge my interests in outside sports. I also support a number of charities, including board level positions, as I try to make some form of difference to social mobility issues.

  • B.A, Economics
  • MSc, Economics
  • PhD, Economics
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