Chitvan Jindal Data Development Lead London +44 (0)20 7383 5100

I lead our data development team that builds digital capabilities, both production and prototyping, for primarily internal audit functions of our clients. My team has built solutions, both internal and external, to help our clients optimise their processes and reduce manual effort while improving consistency. I provide guidance to my clients to help them understand where data and analytics can be used more effectively across their functions.

I joined the firm in early 2019 to help build out our capability in audit analytics. I am an experienced analytics professional with a specialism in compliance and risk. Throughout my career, I have delivered several projects for compliance management, below-the-line marketing campaigns, and deep customer analytics in the retail banking sector. I now help my clients build and deliver audit analytics capabilities to improve their management of risk through greater efficiency, efficacy, and coverage. My goal is to make analytics techniques more accessible and demonstrate the range of user friendly options available.

My team has delivered some key projects for our clients to date, including tools for horizon scanning to automation of internal workpaper generation. Beyond building tools, we have also helped our clients implement audit analytics in ad hoc and as wider strategic objectives to uplift the effectiveness and efficiency of their audits. In particular, my team focuses on upskilling our clients on what we do to enable them to be able to carry the advantages of leveraging data and analytics sustainably.

Outside of work, you’ll find me travelling Europe and trying out every new and exciting food from different cultures.

  • BCom (Finance and Information Systems)