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Northamptonshire’s largest businesses have had another strong year, achieving a higher rate of growth than the UK economy as a whole with growth in turnover, earnings and employment.

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The Northamptonshire Ltd report analyses the financial performance of the county's leading privately owned companies. This provides a yardstick against which the county can assess its economic performance and businesses can benchmark themselves against their peers. This year we have also added some analysis on the county’s biggest businesses. Northamptonshire Ltd is conducted by Grant Thornton's Northampton based team and is the latest in a series of detailed business analyses by county.


The findings of the 2018 report showed that the combined turnover of the 100 companies rose by 5.6% to £6 billion and Earnings Before Interest, Tax and Depreciation increased by 17.3% to £414 million. The analysis also showed that employment levels have risen by an impressive 9.7%. Average remuneration was £28,710 decreasing slightly by 1.6%.

How Northamptonshire Ltd is compiled

Northamptonshire Ltd is compiled using the most recent publicly available accounts (as at April 2018) of the county's 100 largest privately owned companies based on turnover and with their principal trading address in Northamptonshire. The survey excludes companies that are listed or owned by overseas businesses. This survey encompasses companies with revenues ranging from around £12 million to over £600 million.


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