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Autumn Statement

Autumn Statement 2015 comment: Infrastructure

Commenting on Osborne’s announcements around infrastructure Investment, Will McWilliams, Head of Government Infrastructure Advisory, Grant Thornton UK LLP said:

"With the announcement of £12bn for local growth funds, including enterprise zones and a 50% increase in DfT's capital budget to £61bn over the course of this parliament, including £13bn on Transport in the North and £11bn in London, Osborne is sending a pretty strong message around the government's commitment to infrastructure as a whole. A commitment we see as key to creating sustainable long-term economic growth for the UK and helping build a vibrant economy across the country.

The big question is how government is going to work with the private sector to ensure that real value is delivered and efficiencies are maximised. In addition, we need to understand further how they are going to link these in with the key infrastructure projects already laid out.

This together with long term commitments on industrial strategy, including catapult centres, and investment in science, confirms a welcome long term, cross party approach to infrastructure that is vital the UK and its position in a global economy."