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Webinars: help to build your business in China

Do you want to build your business in China? To succeed, you need the right guidance and support. Join our webinars to find out what UK companies investing in China need to know about this growing market.

China is now the UK’s third largest trade partner, and since 1999 exports to it have grown from £2 billion to £25 billion. And it looks like it's going to continue rising. In a recent survey, British businesses ranked China as the most attractive new market.

Why should you invest in China?

There's increasing demand in China for many of the products and services that the UK excels in producing. Apart from commodities, top exports include cars, medicinal and pharmaceutical products, and scientific instruments; the key services are travel and transport, intellectual property and financial services.

Every region in the UK is actively trading in China, but the West Midlands is leading the way – accounting for over 15% of goods exports.

What does UK-China trade involve?

While not always the easiest market to operate in, many companies have found success there that has transformed their business. The path to it includes the right information, the right guidance, and the right connections. You need to understand the regulatory environment, find the most appropriate partners, master local operating issues, and adapt to differences in business culture and language.

An effective geographic strategy that divides the country into manageable areas, identifies the most optimal market, and localises effectively is vital. You also need to accept that it's a market where things might not happen overnight, and plan with long term horizons in mind. The travel difficulties created by COVID-19 also require a new approach to networking.

We can help you build a business in China

The Department for International Trade (DIT) has responded to UK companies' interest in China by setting up an Enhanced International Support Service for China to enable this growth. The support includes a series of webinars exploring the possibilities of building a business in China. The webinars, which we run for the department, explain the opportunities and issues you'll encounter.

Our experience and technical expertise ensures that we understand the key challenges of achieving your goals in this market. And, in partnership with the China-Britain Business Council, we’ve developed a range of strategies to support your ambitions, even if they can't actually visit the country in person.

Every company in the UK is welcome to sign up for the webinars.

DIT welcomes enquiries about investing in China, but for personalised support you can also get in touch with Phil Woolley.