Watch our team from Grant Thornton UK and Grant Thornton China discuss what UK businesses can learn about the ‘new normal’ as Chinese society starts to re-open.

As China’s new normal shows, companies are having to adapt their products and services, operating models, funding and resources to reflect a society where COVID-19 had had a deep impact on everyday life. Against this uncertain backdrop, data has played a key role in enabling China’s economy to emerge from lockdown and begin the long road to recovery.

The Chinese experience show us that reimagining the business – rather than simply restoring it to what it once was – could be what the future holds.

How China weathered the COVID-19 storm, and what the UK can learn


  • Karen Brice (Chair) – Board And Executive Team Effectiveness Work Lead, Grant Thornton UK
  • Jamie Crossman-Smith – Head of Data Assurance Services, Grant Thornton UK
  • Jack Soong – Partner, Grant Thornton China
  • Alex Hunt – Head of Data Analytics, Business Risk Services, Grant Thornton UK

Working through the situation together

We're sharing the six areas you need to focus on in your response to the uncertainty