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This Is How We Do It: conversations with inspiring people

Hannah Davie Hannah Davie

Our new series of vodcasts showcase diversity and inclusion in different sectors, offering stories of success from all walks of life.

To make real change, inclusion has to be an ongoing process - not just something you think about on one day a year. So we introduce our series of conversations, where we speak  to a variety of people across different business sectors and industries who we find inspiring and interesting.

Our guests describe how they have challenged expectations and circumstances; how they succeeded and continue to succeed in their chosen areas.

Hear the stories from our guest speakers, their proudest moments and personal accomplishments. If you would like to be part of the series, or nominate someone to speak to us, please do get in touch.

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Episode 9 - staying resilient with Justine Lutterodt

Justine Lutterodt, founder and director of the Centre for Synchronous Leadership, speaks to Sam Street about learning how to unpack feedback and remain resilient throughout her career.

In this episode, Justine describes how while she's faced certain barriers and stereotypes, staying true to her values and contextualising feedback was transformative. She talks us through the process of choosing to accept or deny feedback. Is the person giving it an expert, friend, or judge?

To find out more, or to nominate someone to inspire us in a future episode, contact Ami Sweeney.

Episode 8 - Changing hearts and minds with Nik Tatarkin

Nik Tatarkin of Inclusion Cayman believes organisations should open their doors, minds and hearts to facilitate people with disabilities

In this episode, Nik opens up about the isolation and fears he felt in the early days of having a child with disabilities. Discussing the mental, physical and social challenges he experienced, Nik explains how it became his mission in life to make sure organisations include people with disabilities as members of the community, ensuring inclusion in every element of life.

Episode 7: Overcoming adversity with Vincent Egunlae

Vincent Egunlae, Grant Thornton UK

In this episode, Vincent speaks about some of the changes he has helped implement around equality, diversity and inclusion and how committed our SLT are to making a difference. The amazing charity 'The Open Private School' he has set up provides opportunities to state-school educated students.

Episode 6: from actuary to EDI consultant

Heeral Gudka (Convergent Consulting) believes we can only see people's actions as inspiring if they inspire us to do great things for ourselves.

In this episode, we hear how Heeral's passion for equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) inspired her to leave her established city career to become an EDI coach and consultant.

To find out more, or to nominate someone to inspire us in a future episode, contact Hannah Davie.

Episode 5: the importance of being fearless

The Rt. Hon. Dame Elizabeth Gloster

In this episode, we spoke to The Rt. Hon. Dame Elizabeth Gloster about her love of corporate law and the biography of F. E. Smith, first Earl of Birkenhead, proving that inspirational people can also be witty and wicked, as well as the importance of being fearless and having a sense of humour in all that you do.

Episode 4: Marcia Shekerdemian QC of Wilberforce Chambers

Marcia Shekerdemian, QC Wilberforce Chambers

In this episode, we spoke to Marcia about how we need to encourage the next generation to be brave and fearless and how her passion for equality, diversity and inclusion inspired her recent research and report on report on Voices of Women at the Chancery Bar.  Marcia believes that when we talk and share experiences for good there is a chance for change.

Episode 3: From Whitehall to CEO

Michelle Thorp, CEO of the Insolvency Practitioners Association

In this episode, Hannah Davie, a Director in Insolvency and Asset Recovery talks to Michelle about her career within the civil service, including writing letters to the prime minister on her first day, being instrumental to real change within government by virtue of setting up the international criminal court, and attending a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

During the chat, Michelle explains that our differences are our strengths and that everyone has something to bring to the table, highlighting that leadership doesn’t come from hierarchy or wearing a suit. Also that we shouldn't be afraid to fight for what is right and fair.

Episode 2: Women's international rugby

World champion women’s rugby player and Olympian, Danielle Waterman

In this episode, Ami Sweeney, an Associate Director in Insolvency and Asset Recovery, talks to Danielle about earning success, showcasing awesome women and the impact of sharing positive stories.

Danielle, a former professional English rugby player and, most recently, the first female player to commentate on a professional England game, spoke to us about the challenges she has overcome throughout her sporting career and the importance of male allies.

Danielle reflects on positive movements and the recent changes in society for more gender equality, as well as dealing with negative comments and advice for her younger self.

Episode 1: Victims' rights advocacy

Maria McDonald, Deputy Director, Victim Support Strategy Lead, Investigations Support Bureau at Ontario Provincial Police

In this episode, Carmel King, a Director in Insolvency and Asset Recovery, talks to Maria about her work in victims’ rights advocacy and the challenges of working as a civilian woman in a traditionally male-dominated police force.

Maria, a barrister and founding member of the Victims' Rights Alliance in Ireland, spoke to us about her journey through the ranks of her profession, her return to grassroots action, and leaving an established career for adventure!

Maria talks about International Women’s Day and the inspirational role models in her professional life. She explains that ‘choosing to challenge’ is not a choice at all, and that, through our actions and collaboration, we all have the power to make the world a little better.