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Humza Khan
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In our 'Private equity in the spotlight’ podcast series, Humza Khan, who leads our private equity sponsor coverage, discusses emerging topics alongside industry guests.
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Listen to our investment in business services episode

Investment in business services

Business services has generated significant interest among private equity investors over the past decade.

Humza Khan is joined by Victoria Giles, one of our M&A Directors focused on business services transactions and guests from Soho Square Capital, Queen's Park Equity, and August Equity to discuss the rising trend in investment and contemplates what the future may hold for this highly resilient sector.


Key takeaways:

  • Our speakers’ record of investing in the business services sector and their respective sub-sector focus (4:00)
  • The important value drivers in the business services sector through the lens of an investor (4:55)
  • Business services investment opportunity from an adviser's perspective (7:23)
  • How technology is impacting investments in the sector and examples of technology-enabled growth (9:38)
  • Value creation strategies and key areas of focus (17:17)
  • Future trends in the business services sector (22:46)



Listen to our family office investment episode

Family office investment

Over the last decade we have seen a significant rise in family offices adding private equity to their portfolios.

In this 'Private equity in the spotlight' episode, Humza Khan is joined by guests from family office funds Souter Investments, Literacy Capital and Reliance Private Equity to discuss their investment strategy, why entrepreneurs should consider a family office investment and how it differs from institutional private equity funding.

Key takeaways:

  • What is a family office model and what value does it add in the investment lifecycle compared to a traditional private equity fund? (1:53)
  • Why should entrepreneurs consider a family office investment? (7:20)
  • Does an investment through a family office impact the control of a business, the holding period, and returns when you come to an exit? (12:22)
  • How family offices utilise co-investing and how this can benefit an entrepreneur (18:13)



Listen to our optimising your business episode

Optimise your business

Unpredictable external factors are continuing to impact business performance. Listen to this episode for guidance on how you optimise your business to manage these pressures.

Is your business ready to face an uncertain year ahead? Humza Khan is joined by guests from Lloyds Development Capital (LDC), Inflexion and the Business Growth Fund (BGF) to talk about how businesses can manage current pressures. 


Key takeaways:

  • Preparation advice for portfolio businesses in the face of an economic downturn and potential recession (01:29)
  • What opportunities businesses should look out for in an uncertain economic environment (09:56)
  • How businesses can be best prepared when coming out of an economic downturn (11:36)



Listen to our rise of the minority investment episode

Rise of the minority investment

Minority investments are becoming increasingly common in M&A. Listen to this episode for guidance on this trend.

Is private equity meeting market demands? Humza Khan is joined by guests from ECI Partners, Livingbridge, and All Seas Capital to talk about the rise of minority investments.



Key takeaways:

  • What is minority investment? (01:29)
  • Why has there been a rise in minority investments? (04:40)
  • What's the difference between a minority and majority private equity deal? (08:08)
  • Examples of minority investments (10:32)
  • Recent innovations in minority investment landscape (16:20)



Listen to our approaching ESG episode

Approaching ESG

Sustainability and impact funding are at the forefront of the private equity agenda, and ESG is increasingly seen as an opportunity for enhancing value.

Humza Khan is joined by guests from Montagu, Palatine Private Equity, and Bridges Fund Management to talk about the rise of ESG, and the ideas and roles associated with it.



Key takeaways:

  • The rise of ESG and impact investing and the difference between them (02:04)
  • Impact investing at Bridges Fund Management (03:36)
  • Impact-only fund at Palatine Private Equity (06:05)
  • The role of ESG Manager at Montagu (08:05)
  • Key KPI considerations for impact investment opportunities (09:49)
  • Key KPI considerations for existing portfolio businesses (11:44)
  • Example of an impact investment that has made an impact on society (14:13)
  • ESG implementation (16:03)
  • What’s next for Palatine Private Equity impact investing? (19:10)


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