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Private equity in the spotlight: approaching ESG

ESG is in the spotlight. That's why we're opening our private equity video 'spotlight' conversations with it.

Sustainability and impact funding are at the forefront of the PE agenda, and ESG is increasingly seen as an opportunity for enhancing value.

Humza Khan, who leads our private equity sponsor coverage, is joined by guests from Montagu, Palatine Private Equity, and Bridges Fund Management to talk about the rise of ESG, and the ideas and roles associated with it.

This is what you'll learn:

  • 'The rise of ESG and impact investing and the difference between them' 02:04
  • 'Impact investing at Bridges Fund Management' 03:36
  • 'Impact only fund at Palatine Private Equity' 06:05
  • 'The role of ESG Manager at Montagu' 08:05 
  • 'Key KPI considerations for impact investment opportunities' 09:49
  • 'Key KPI considerations for existing portfolio businesses' 11:44
  • 'Example of an impact investment that has made an impact on society' 14:13
  • 'ESG implementation' 16:03
  • 'What’s next for Palatine Private Equity impact investing?' 19:10

Your ESG agenda will now determine who will do business with you.

How are you ensuring your organisation is future fit?

What's next for Private Equity in the mid-market?

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