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Inclusion and diversity

Meet the Grant Thornton Inclusion Advisory Board

In September 2020, we announced the formation of our Inclusion Advisory Board (IAB). Over 100 members of our team applied to be a part of the IAB, showing the passion for diversity and inclusion in our business.

12 individuals have been selected to join the IAB and will be helping to make the most inclusive decisions around a whole range of topics.

Meet our Inclusion Advisory Board​​​

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Preeth Channa

"I’m a manager within the London audit practice, having joined Grant Thornton on the graduate associate programme in 2016.

"Nearly five years on, and I’m still excited to see what new ideas we can bring to the firm. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to help make this the best place it can be for our people, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve with such an engaged and motivated group of individuals on the IAB."

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Jo Crowhurst

“I relocated up north with my wife seven years ago to settle in Glasgow, and begin my career with Grant Thornton. This journey has taken me from a graduate to my current role as an audit manager, where I work with a wide range of clients and industries, many of which are within food and beverage.

"With my role in audit, I've been involved in different parts of the business, primarily around the area I'm most passionate about: people and culture.

"The IAB enables me to take this passion further and I hope to provide a positive impact bringing inclusion to forefront of decisions. Being part of the movement of change is something I feel strongly about and enjoy sharing my views on important topics within the firm.”

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Neil Davis

“I've worked for Grant Thornton since November 2009, and am currently a senior manager within the audit practice. I'm passionate about equality, inclusion, and diversity, and I've learned so much by participating in many of the conversations happening within the firm and elsewhere.

"Becoming an inclusion ally has helped to turn my passion into action and affect change, and I'm excited about driving further changes as part of the IAB.”

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Vincent Egunlae

“I am a Public Sector Consultant, having joined Grant Thornton as an auditor in 2018.

I'm delighted to be joining the IAB - an opportunity to drive positive change. This is something I am passionate for the same reason as most of our people. I love the people I work with, so I want to contribute to where we work, being the best that it can be.”

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Bethan Gill

“I'm hugely passionate about diversity, equality and inclusion, both at work and in my home life.

"This is driven by my own personal experience of being a part-time working mother, as well as the diversity of my family and friends, which covers race, LGBTQIA+, disability and neurodiversity.

"I'm really encouraged by the direction that we are moving in at Grant Thornton, towards everyday inclusion for all, and am excited to be able to represent colleagues and support this work through the IAB.”

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Anne Langton

“As part of resourcing, I manage the firm’s global mobility activity (inbound and outbound international assignments), stretching across the GTI member firm network.

"I joined the firm five years ago, having always worked in the people and culture side of things, even when previously advising clients on employment law.

"I'm passionate about inclusion because, while every one of us has the untapped potential and ability to contribute greatly, we aren’t all given the opportunity, voice and support we need to do so.

"Leading with an inclusive perspective is not the opposite of being commercial; when we amplify and advocate for diverse voices and perspectives, we achieve better decision making and results.”

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Rosamond Murphy

“I've been at Grant Thornton for eight years. I'm a director in financial account advisory services,out of Finsbury Square.

"Outside of work, I like to keep myself busy. I'm a big fan of travel - love a city break - or you may find me on a hockey pitch. During lockdown, I've discovered a love of trail running.

"It's a privilege to take on this role. Being inclusive isn’t an adjective, we must not rest on our laurels when it comes to creating an inclusive environment - it is and always will be a work in progress.

"I recognise that this role is not just about bringing my own diverse views to the table, but ensuring that others have a voice for their own unique and individual perspectives.”

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Anam Shahzad

“Inclusion is such an integral part of any empowered team, I'm extremely excited to be part of the board and looking forward to contributing to the change to drive inclusivity in the firm.

"Coming from a diverse background myself, the role is personal to me and one which I hope to use to impact people positively.”

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Jo Dallas

"I'm an associate Director in the Liverpool tax team. I’ve worked at Grant Thornton for 22 years and for most of that time I've been a people manager. I find my people manager role hugely rewarding, seeing our people develop and progress throughout their careers.

"I would like to play my part in creating a level playing field for all, whereby everyone in our firm is given the opportunity to fulfil their potential regardless of their personal circumstances. With this in mind, I'm delighted to have been asked to join the IAB."

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Avtar Sohal

“As a second generation British Asian from a working class background, I've had to overcome many obstacles in relation to acceptance and inclusion and have had to deal with discrimination from an early age.

"The challenges I've faced are similar to many from diverse backgrounds and, therefore, I want to use my experiences to build a workplace culture that celebrates inclusiveness and diversity.

"I'm excited to be a part of the IAB and will look to promote positive and lasting change in the firm.”

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Sam Street

“I'm an associate director in the insolvency and asset recovery team. I’ve been with the firm for nearly 20 years and have navigated varied opportunities that have seen me specialising in securing hidden assets, complex and fraud-related insolvency appointments, providing insolvency support to financial services, utility clients and individual creditors.

“My most-recent venture has seen me acting as a wellbeing ambassador for the team. With inclusion and wellbeing going hand-in-hand, I am thrilled to be a member of the board taking steps for a more inclusive and diverse working environment.”

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Matt Stringer

“I’m an international tax director in our London practice. I live near Amersham with my husband and our seven-year-old daughter, Sophie. My favourite things are maps, flags, Starbucks and the Eurovision Song Contest!

"I identify as gay and male, and commonly use the word ‘queer’ to describe the combination of my sexuality and femininity within the realm of what that means for me, personally.

"I'm passionate about creating diverse spaces for LGBTQIA+ individuals to be successful and included, with great role models and allies.”

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