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Investigations: our new forensic accounting podcast

Welcome to our new Investigations podcast series, where we look at the complex role of the forensic accounting investigator. 

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Investigations are complex, challenging and often conducted under duress. They require a forensic accounting investigator to look from different perspectives to uncover a sequence of events that explains the true position of an issue in a variety of contexts. It may be part of regulatory scrutiny, financial loss, misconduct, misappropriation or simply suspicions of a counter-party hiding assets.

Challenging investigations

At the same time as sizing up the intellectual challenge, investigations face pressure from a number of interested stakeholders, often with conflicting objectives or requirements. Successful forensic accounting investigators must, therefore, combine technical capability with a sound commercial mindset, awareness of regulatory pressures, communication skills and the ability to know when not to dive down a rabbit-hole in search of a non-existent resolution.

It is important that an investigative team challenged with solving a complex problem encourage and celebrate diversity of background, thought process and experience. A team composed of multi-disciplinarians is more likely to be able to think laterally, challenge accepted norms and deliver exceptional results that assist clients in resolving business-critical problems.

Fascinating anecdotes from forensic accounting investigators

The Investigations forensic accounting podcast series is aimed at showcasing the diversity of approach that exists within the industry and to highlight that anyone can be a successful investigator, provided you embrace an inquisitive mindset. Investigators also tend to have a few good stories to tell about where they’ve been and what they’ve seen.

We speak to prominent  investigators who have grappled with a variety of situations to understand the key lessons they’ve learned, what propelled them to be where they are today and the advice they’d pass on to their younger selves.

If you would like to be interviewed as part of this forensic accounting podcast series, contact Steve Holt