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How is COVID-19 shaping real estate transactions?

Matt Maltz Matt Maltz

Watch our webinar, where our experts share their thoughts on activity across the real estate sector and how you can navigate some of the challenges around undertaking transactions in the current climate. We also look at how this is shaping investment now and the lasting effect as we come out of lockdown.

During the webinar, we looked at:

  • how real estate structures, contracts and leases are impacted in the current environment
  • what parallels are there to previous downturns and what we learned from those
  • how the UK investment environment is changing
  • real estate sub-sectors that are still active and investment opportunities in those.

We also asked our attendees about their appetite to undertake transactions in the current market. Unsurprisingly, the majority are currently holding off making any decision (60%) but encouragingly nearly 90% will transact once we emerge from “lockdown”. Out of those who are looking to invest, there is a broad mix of funding options although equity-only financing was the clear frontrunner – this certainly accords with our experience that any buyers that do not require external financing are currently in a stronger position.

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How can the real estate sector navigate COVID-19? Watch the webinar

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