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Future of work: are you ready?

Keely Woodley Keely Woodley

Social and technological change is making itself felt throughout the economy and society. And it’s disrupting the workplace.

How and where we work, and the work we actually do is changing. So the skills we need in order to grow as individuals and as businesses will change too.

Organisations are confronted with some big questions:

  • How do they harness technology to improve their operations and at the same time, manage and support their people amidst such change?
  • How do they stay agile innovate and keep ahead of the field?

Their success depends on building workforces which are diverse in background and perspective, with skills and a mind-set suited to the 21st century workplace. This will demand new thinking about how they market themselves as brands as well as employers, and ultimately about their purpose as organisations.

We are conducting an inquiry into the Future of Work. We’ve talked to people from the public, private and third sectors on how we can make sure that in our economy everyone will be equipped to thrive – and no one is left behind.

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