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Financial services virtual events

The financial services sector is changing rapidly in all areas; from regulations and risk management, to technology and even culture. If you're looking for comprehensive and concise information and guidance, you can find support by watching our webinar series on Youtube.

To adapt to changes in the financial services sector, look after your people, and thrive at this critical time, it's vital for organisations to understand the complex challenges facing the industry. The current climate might make looking for guidance seem even more difficult, but our virtual seminars explain everything you need to know and the actions you can take.

We'll be adding new webinars to the events already on the page, so remember to revisit whenever you're looking for support on issues in the financial services sector.

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Client Assets (CASS): maintaining compliance in growing and evolving CASS functions

With regulators' focus on CASS shifting to small and medium firms, it is even more important to stay informed on maintaining compliance. During this webinar attendees gained the latest insight and answers to common questions from our expert panel on what CASS means for your firm.

Developing a privacy framework to support global operations

A sustainable data privacy programme improves the quality, integrity and security of personal data and reduces the risk of complaints, reputational damage and regulatory action. In this session we looked at how you can develop a proportionate data privacy framework that meets legal requirements and regulators’ expectations.

UK regulation post-Brexit

HM Treasury closed its phase-II consultation on the future regulatory framework on 19 February, and will be publishing detailed proposals later in the year. A second more detailed consultation in 2021 will set out specific proposals for how the framework will be delivered, but at the moment it's still unclear what form it will actually take.

During this webinar attendees found out what you can expect the framework to look like and explored some of the issues surrounding regulators’ decision making.

Further guidance and support: 

Cyber, data protection and payments event series

Revisit our webinar series on cyber, data protection and payments, designed to keep your firm safe in the virtual world.


Protect Association: Health and wellbeing in the workplace

The distress and distraction of financial worries can have a very negative impact on employees' performance, as well as impede their relationships with other colleagues. This may also lead to increase levels of absences or heightened presenteeism. In this virtual event our speakers discussed the relationship between finance, mental health and employment. Our experienced panel shared guidance on how the right policies can improve employees' wellbeing and performance, even when they are experiencing difficulties.

Further guidance and support:

Managing transition into the New(est) Normal – People Risk, Culture & Employment Law

During the first session of our Managing transition into the new(est) normal virtual events series our panellist answered critical questions in diversity and inclusion, culture, remuneration policies and senior accountability.

Managing transition into the New(est) Normal – Tax implications and Mobility Issues

During our second session of our Managing transition into the new(est) normal virtual events series our panellist explored what the tax implications of remote work from overseas jurisdictions is and this new way of working.

Financial crime resilience event series

Financial crime can affect anyone. Our webinar series covers the threats you're facing. 


Navigating the complexities of IFRS 17

With regional IFRS17 endorsements being finalised around the world, although insurers are at varying stages of their preparations for the new regime, all are acutely aware of the ticking clock. Data is one of the key challenges that companies are grappling with as they consider the need to generate and store the required information, both at implementation and going forwards. During this webinar our expert share their views on both of these areas and on how insurers are preparing for the implementation of IFRS 17.

Further guidance and support:


Banking Tax Forum

For our second banking tax forum, that has been created exclusively for banks and hosted by our financial services tax team.

During this forum our experienced speakers talked about the OECD’s Pillar 2 proposals for a global minimum tax on profits, research and development tax relief, VAT and recent HMRC consultations.

Insurance Tax Forum

During our first virtual insurance tax forum, exclusively for insurers, the panel shared a wide range of specialist updates on tax for the benefit of those operating in the insurance industry.

The financial services tax team shared updates on Reducing tax costs, Budget and Finance Bill 2021 update and OECD developments: minimum tax charge on profits.

Get in touch with Ian Woodruff to find out more.

Operational Taxes Virtual Seminar

During our first operational taxes virtual seminar our financial services tax team shared their insights on withholding tax developments across the EU, HMRC's transparency agenda and developments in the CRS and Qualified Intermediary regimes.

Get in touch with Martin Killer to find out more.


Decoding the Targeted Review of Internal Models (TRIM)

Have you thought about model risk? Understanding the impact of current circumstances is vital preparation for success in the coming months. In this virtual event series we looked at some critical aspects of model risk. The first session involved a deep dive on the TRIM project, in which regulators explored the modelling methods used by European banks.

Model risk beyond COVID-19

During this virtual event our expert speaker discussed model risk beyond COVID-19 and new types of model risk that have been recently exposed.

SWIFT quarterly briefing: CSP assessments and financial crime

As of 2021, all firms using SWIFT financial messaging must now complete annual independent attestations following its independent assessment framework and assessor guidelines. During this webinar SWIFT specialists and our own qualified SWIFT assessment experts shared insight on the customer security controls framework and associated financial crime risks that all SWIFT members should know about.

Operational Resilience for Banks & Building Societies - delivering a compliant framework

In March 2021 the Bank of England, PRA, and FCA published their long-awaited operational resilience requirements. Banks and building societies need to demonstrate a compliant framework by March 2022. During this virtual event our panel explored the steps you need to take and analysed critical success factors.

Further guidance and support: