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Webinar series

Cyber, data protection and payments

Manu Sharma Manu Sharma

We're all spending our lives online now, both at home and at work. Revisit our webinar series on cyber, data protection and payments, designed to keep your firm safe in the virtual world.

Our series of virtual events offered you guidance on protecting vulnerable customers and restoring critical services in the event of an outage. We also considered how remote working could make you vulnerable to security and data protection concerns, if you don't take adequate precautions.

If you missed any of the briefings, or you'd like to revisit any of the shared information, we've compiled videos of the events on this page:

Data protection 

The recent lockdown has seen a huge number of employees working remotely, even where their work wouldn't have previously been considered secure enough to take home. 

Data protection and GDPR rules still apply. Are your people aware of their responsibilities?

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Cyber resilience

Traditional cyber security is no longer enough to protect you from hackers and other criminals. The field of cyber resilience is about both preventing attacks and minimising the damage when they're unavoidable.

In this open surgery, we look at what you can do to strengthen your firm against cyber attacks.

Securing payment flows

Working for your firm can no longer involve visiting your office and collecting a paycheque. Remote working with non-company contractors, home networks and personal devices is making your payment system a minefield of previously unknown risks.

In this event, we looked at new technology and processes to make your payments secure, even in a remote world.

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Operational resilience and business continuity

Situations that threaten an organisation's reputation and operations are becoming an everyday occurrence.

In the final event in our series, our speakers discussed how you can prepare for, respond to, and remediate crises to support sustained survival and growth.

For help dealing with the new, remote world, contact Manu Sharma.