A programme to build a caring society

The test of any civilised society is how it cares for its most vulnerable citizens. The truth is we are no longer sure how to do this.

Neither top-down state provision nor a free market model has worked. Our caring society programme is a response to support this.

We are bringing together a community of influencers, academics, investors, private care providers, charities and social housing providers and individuals who are committed to shaping the future of adult social care.

At the heart of the community are adult social care directors (ASCDs) and this programme aims to provide them with space to think about, and design, a care system that meets the needs of the 21st Century, taking into account ethics, technology, governance and funding.

A caring society
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We are doing this by:

What do we really mean by 'care'?

2 Rethinking the role of the state in social care

3 How can we nurture the innovation needed for a caring society

The ultimate aim is to reach a consensus that transcends party politics about what future care should be for the good of society and for the individual.

We will share a write-up of each sprint as we progress, then present a summary of the vision, a series of recommendations for stakeholders and focused policy asks to ASCDs in March 2019, to decide how we can take forward the resulting recommendations and policy asks.

Have your say and join the conversation on Twitter at #ACaringSociety.

A caring society

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